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Art Portraits
Turn ordinary snapshots...

Art Portrait Source photo
into Art Portrait Sample - small

Turn run-of-the-mill photos into works of Art :)

Here's an idea for a special, custom gift for dear old dad on Father's Day (or for anyone special, at any time really).

Send us a decent quality digital photo* and we'll convert it to a 'painted' image, complete with virtual brush strokes.

Father's Day Special Offer - now 10% OFF, at $85

Order our Art Portrait for Father's Day and you'll receive an 8R (8" x 10") print in a custom wood frame at just $85.

Normal prices are $65 for the print and $30 for the framing.

Yes, I know 10% off $95 is actually $85.50, but it's my website, and I'll round off if I want to !

- Group portraits - additional 'heads' at $15 each

Please confirm orders by 3pm on Tue, June 11, 2013* to receive your print/s for Father's Day!
* see The Fine Print below

Pop-Art Portraits

Fancy a different approach to portraits? Perhaps with a touch of humour?

Pop-art portraits may be a more fun alternative to our standard Art Portraits.

And yes! We'll include the little thought balloon if you want, at no extra charge. It reduces the picture area somewhat, but it could make the image more personal, and a loads more fun!

We will not, however, be held responsible if your dad doesn't think the thoughts you put in his balloon are as funny as you do!

Pop-Art Portrait
on an 8" x 10" print - $50
Custom wood frame - $30

or get the Combo Pop-Art package at just $72, including an 8" x 10" print and custom wood frame

- Group portraits - additional 'heads' at $12 each
Pop Art portrait sample
Please confirm orders by 6pm on Tue, June 11, 2013* to receive your print/s for Father's Day!
* see The Fine Print below

The Fine Print (pretty big, huh?)

• All prices are in Singapore Dollars
• Delivery is not included in the listed prices
• Orders for prints / framed prints will only be accepted from Singapore (unless you really want to travel here from somewhere else to pick up the photos). Email for information on softcopy orders.
• Orders will be confirmed only on receipt of all necessary source images, and full payment (the terms are Cash with Order)
• Payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer, via Paypal or by Credit Card (via Paypal). Please indicate your preference with your emailed order
• Source photos need to be high resolution, minimum 1500 pixels width or 4 Megapixels. The face/s need to be sharp and well-lit. Not necessarily 'pro-quality', but not blurry, dark or tiny (a large photo with a subject only occupying a small part of the frame does not work)
• We'll do our best to accommodate your requests, but may not be able to meet all special requests
• While we will endeavour to deliver all images and products within the stipulated time frame, we cannot accept any liability (beyond a refund for uncompleted work) for late delivery or failure to deliver due to unforeseen circumstances

To place your orders

Include the following details:
- your name, contact number and email address
- which product you wish to order
- be sure to attach the source images for us to work from. If you're unsure, send us a few options, and we'll advise you on which is best suited. JPEG files are fine, no need for enormous TIFF or RAW files. Try to keep your attachments below 5MB total
- your preferred method of payment -- cash, bank transfer, Paypal or Credit Card (via Paypal)
- any other relevant details

or call/SMS 9691-0957 (I'll call back if I'm engaged, unless you use an unlisted number of course)

If you want to drop by  to finalise your order, or to see if we're real humans, we are at 302 Jalan Besar most of the day, BUT a prior appointment MUST be made. We are not always at the office, so please don't drop by unexpectedly -- you might be disappointed!

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