Professional Photo Restoration, Retouching & Art Portraits in Singapore
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Restoring & Retouching

Save Those Precious Memories!

Do you have precious old photos stored somewhere at home?

Irreplaceable old prints of your parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents? Faded colour photos of your childhood days?

Chances are you aren't storing them in ideal conditions (Singapore's high humidity doesn't help!). And even if you store them well, photographic prints do degrade over time.
Now you can preserve them once and for all. We professionally restore and retouch your photos and can deliver them as prints for you to display, or as softcopy files that you can store safely.

Our Services
Restoration of old / damaged photos

Retouching (removing blemishes, eyebags, wrinkles etc)
• design & layout of collages, albums & family trees
Special Effects / Digital Imaging (changing backgrounds, adding a person, etc)

Simple colour & tone correction - from $12
Retouching minor blemishes, mould, scratches etc - from $18
Major retouching / reconstruction of missing parts of image - from $45

The precise quote will depend on the condition of your original photo and your specific requirements.
Email us for a no-obligation estimate.

Note: A precise quote can only be provided upon examination of your actual photo. If you can, you may scan the photo and email it to us for a quote, indicating the size of the original and what size you want it reprinted to.

For enquiries / estimates
email or call 9691-0957

We are located at 108 Commonwealth Crescent (near Commonwealth MRT). If you wish to bring your print/s down for an assessment and quote, do contact us to make an appointment.
Photos used with kind permission of the O'Hara family

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